Brigitt Buergi

Born 1955 in St. Gallen. 1973-74 year abroad in the USA. Studied psychology at Zürich University. Internships in schools, hospitals and youth homes. Political commitment to student and feminist concerns. From 1979 studied music in Lucerne at the Academy of School and Church Music. Graduated as piano teacher, taught piano until 1999, in Lucerne and Winterthur. 1986-89 keyboard player in jazz bands.

From 1987 designer, chiefly in fabrics, studio exhibitions in Lucerne and Zürich. From 1990 visual art studio in Uster. Objects and spatial installations, including ‘Twelve Flags for Life', ‘Magic Mountain'. Began photographic work, 1998-2000 studio on Räffelstrasse in Zürich, further installation works, including ‘Six Doors to Differentworld'. Exhibitions from 1987 in Lucerne (Industriestrasse), Winterthur (Craft Museum), Zürich (Züspa Hallen, GZ Bachwiesen, Atelier Räffelstrasse), Männedorf (Tagungshaus Boldern), Uster (Villa am Aabach). Working and living stations: Lucerne, Hitzkirch (LU), Zürich, Winterthur, Uster, Eglisau, Weiningen (ZH).

1996-1998 training as ritual designer in Switzerland, Germany and the USA, with Luisa Francia and Starhawk among others. Independent activity as ritual leader. Workshops, open rituals in the public space in Zürich and Winterthur, artistic performances including ‘beschreiblich weiblich' [describably female] in Museum of Art St Gallen (1997).

1999-2000 travels to New Mexico, photographic works, work-book, ‘Vom Kriechen und Fliegen' [Of Creeping and Flying].

From 2000 worked as art educator. Development and realisation of the concept ‘The Power of Art' for Daros Art Education [1] in connection with the opening of Daros Exhibitions in the Löwenbräuareal, Zürich, commissioned by the Avina Foundation. Realisation of complex educational concepts for the opening exhibition ‘Warhol, Polke, Richter' [2] und the following exhibition ‘Nauman, Kruger, Jaar' [3].

From 2001, moved to Hitzkirch (LU), working for Museum of Art Lucerne, 2001-03 project manager of the pilot project ‘Treffpunkt Kunst' [4], aimed at the development of an integral education concept for the Museum of Art. Co-curator (with Peter Fischer) of the exhibitions in Museum of Art Lucerne, ‘Another World. Zwölf Bettgeschichten' [5] (2002), ‘me & more' [6] (2003), ‘A Kind of Magic. The Art of Transforming' [7] (2005).

2002 until 2010 lecturer in the departments of Theory and Art & Education at University of Applied Sciences and Art - Design and Art (Hochschule Luzern - Design & Kunst). 2008 until 2010 docent in the departments Master of Art in Public Spheres and Master of Art in Art Education.

From 2005 studio in the Old School House Sulz (LU).

2008 until 2010 Senior Consultant for the development project ‘Kompetenzzentrum für Kunstvermittlung' [8], Museum of Art Lucerne.

Co-Curator of the anniversary exhibition "SIGNS OF LIFE - Ancient Knowledge in Contemporary Art" [9]  (August 14 until November 21, 2010) in Museum of Art Lucerne.

2010 Solo exhibition "Fingerprints" [10], Galerie f5, Lucerne.

2010 Solo exhibition "Strukturen" [11] (with Barbara Stirnimann), Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Wädenswil.

2011 Solo exhibition "Broken Landscapes", Galerie DAS DING, Lucerne (November 6 to 26).